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Green Gables MiniNubians

Carey's White Cloud "Arthur"

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MiniNubian milk doe

Carey's White Cloud (1st generation)
Sire: Carey's I Wanna Be A Millionaire (N)
ss: Singing-Meadows Huckleberry
sd: Carey's Lacey Bonnet
Dam: Buttin' Heads Mont Olive (ND)
ds: Buttin' Heads Montwizuma *S
dd: Buttin' Heads Dwill Pickle
DOB: 10/03/01
Height: 26"
WHITE CLOUD was nicknamed Arthur by some little girls so now every one calls her that. She is black with a few white markings. Arthur gave us QUADRUPLET DOES in 2006 and triplet does in 2007!!! We were very surprised as out of the 6 kids she had before we bought her she only had one doeling. All four of her quads were very strong and healthy, not a runt among them. Arthur is an excellent milker giving about 7 lbs of milk per day. Her udder is very large and capacious. Arthur has 2/3 drop ears and a slightly roman nose. She has tons of body capacity with an extremely flat rump and still stands on strong feet and legs - she is pictured at almost 7 years of age in the picture on the left. Arthur has a wonderful personality and is very gentle and calm.

Show Wins:
2008 - 2nd place in the aged milker class in MDGA's Virtual show

Pictures of Arthur, her offspring and relatives...

Arthur at nearly 6 years old:

Arthur almost 6 years oldArthur almost
                                    6 years oldArt
                                    udderArt rear udder

Arthur at nearly 7 years old:


I just love this picture of Avery, Arthur's 2008 doeling (Sired by Echo Hill's Jasper *B):

Avery with a flower

Below is Arthur's full sister. Don't they look a lot alike?


Here are some of Arthur's kids:

2006 - QUADRUPLET DOELINGS! (Sired by Green Gables Prince Edward):

The 2006 quads (ArthurxPrince)

2007 - triplet DOELINGS (Sired by Echo Hill's Jasper *B). Click on the middle picture (of the red doeling) to visit NUTMEG'S page:

Taffy - 2nd gen doeling (ArthurxJasper)NutmegRosemary

2008 - twins - one buckling and one doeling (Sired by Echo Hill's Jasper *B):

"Mr. Bingley"
                                             - 2nd gen buckling - Arthur X JasperAvery - 2nd
                                             gen doeling - Arthur X Jasper

2009 - triplets - 2 doelings and 1 buckling (Sired by Echo Hill's Shining Star):

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

If you have any questions or comments about Arthur or her kids, please feel free to contact me via the 'Contact Us" page. We always love to hear what other people think of our goats!

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