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Green Gables Farm


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About Nigerian Dwarfs

Nigerian Dwarves are for you!

 The Nigerian Dwarf is a miniture dairy goat from Africa.  Many people ask "what is the difference between a Nigerian Dwarf and a Pygmy?".  The Pygmy is a miniture meat goat and is stocky and round.  The Nigerian Dwarf is a miniture dairy goat, it is long and angular like a full-size dairy goat.  A Nigerian Dwarf usually gives more milk than a Pygmy.  The ideal size for a ND is 17-20 in. at the withers (shoulder).  The wonderful personalty of the Nigerian Dwarf is one of the character traits that people love about the them.  Also they give a surprisingly large amount of milk for such a small animal, up to 7 pints of milk per day!  Another characteristic of the Nigerians is thier coloring - they can be  gold, silver, all shades and combinations of brown, black, white, tan, and cream.

A Nigerian Dwarf doe