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Green Gables MiniNubians

Green Gables HDH Windy Night (Reference Only)

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MiniNubian dairy goat

Green Gables HDH Windy Night (1st gen.) SOLD
Sire: Heart's Delight Hershey (2nd gen.)
ss: Heart's Delight Ranger
sd: Heart's Delight Mercy
Dam: The Sim's Muffin
ds: Maple Spring's Frosty's Image
dd: The Thunder Ridge's Simplicity
DOB: 1/26/04
Mature height: 25"
WINDY is the last kid we have from our first Nubian doe, Muffin. Windy is chocolate with gold trim and frosted ears and muzzle. She is 75% Nubian and 25% Nigerian. Her ears are very wide and completely pendulous although they are a little too short. I am very happy with Windy's udder. It is well attached and her rear udder is high and wide. She is milking about 4.5 - 6.5 lbs per day. Her udder is well balanced with nice long teats that make milking her very easy.
Windy's daughter, Zephyr, went RsCH in MDGA's 2008 virtual show.  Windy herself was also in the V-Show - she was the only do in her class.  Here is what the judge said about her "We have a single entry in our 4 year old MiniNubian milkers. She can certainly stand a lot of competition.  She has excellent general appearance coupled with a well attached mammary system that has held up for several lactations.  I also admire her dairy character, sharpness and angularity."

Show Wins:
2008 - 1st place in her class in MDGA's Virtual show (single entry)

Pictures of Windy, her kids and her ancestors...

Windy as a kid:

Windy as a kidWindy as
                                    a kid

Windy as an older kid:

Windy Dry yearling

Windy as a first freshening yearling:

Windy yearling milkerPhotobucketrear

Windy as a 4 year old (4th freshening):

Windy 4 yrsWindy 4 yrsWindy 4 yr frontWindy 4 yr rearWindy 4
                                    yr top

Windy's sire, Heart's Delight Hershey, as a kid:

Hershey, Misty's sire

Hershey's parents (Heart's Delight Mercy and Heart's Delight Ranger):

Misty's paternal granddam Mercy's udderRanger

Here are some of Windy's kids:

2006 - Twin doelings (Sired by Country Dreams Charlie Brown) top doe retained for our herd, click on her picture to view ZEPHYR'S page:


2007 - twins - buck and doe (Sired by Echo Hill's Jasper *B):


2008 - triplets - 2 doelings and one buckling (Sired by Green Gables EHJ Eureka!) click on the top picture to see more on SUMMER, Windy's 2008 doeling that we retained:

Summer Breeze - 2nd gen doeling - Windy X EurekaWhirlwind
                                             - 2nd gen buckling - Windy X EurekaMistral
                                             - 2nd gen doeling - Windy X Eureka

2009 - Single buckling (Sired by Echo Hill's Ulysses S. Grant *B):


Windy's dam, The Sim's Muffin (standard Nubian):

Muffin 420x279

If you have any questions or comments about Windy, her kids or her ancestors, please feel free to contact me via the 'Contact Us" page. We always love to hear what other people think of our goats!

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