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Our homestead began in 1997 with Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and a Great Pyrenees livestock guardian. We started raising MiniNubians in 1999. The appearance, personality and size of the Mini Nubians was so much preferred by our customers and ourselves that in 2004, we decided to focus our breeding on one breed and raise MiniNubians only.

You want a Mini dairy goat that will produce plenty of rich milk as well as being colorful, friendly and fun. Our goal is to breed a MiniNubian that will meet your needs. We are breeding Mini Nubian dairy goats to give lots of high quality milk for your family and to have great conformation to help your herd have a productive life and win in the show ring. You also want that adorable Nubian breed character and lots of flashy colors. To top that off, our MiniNubians are bred to have wonderful, sweet personalities - our goats will love you! They are very good with children and are just the right size.

For your breeding goals, we have 1st - 4th generation MiniNubians and are experimenting with different percentages. In 2009 5th generation kids will be born.

Our Mini Nubian herd is bred from stock coming from many well known herds including MiniNubian herds: Echo Hill's, Heart's Delight, Hidden Creek's, Inavale, Singing-Meadows, Nubian herds: Longman's, Kastdemur's, Royal Cedars, and Nigerian herds: Goodwood, Buttin' Heads, and Willow's.

I hope you enjoy looking through our site. If you have any questions about the Mini Nubian breed or our animals, please feel free to write to us through the "Contact Us" page. Also be sure to check out the "Links" page for helpful links to breed clubs, Yahoo! groups and other good sites.

Oh, and we'd love to have you sign our guestbook!

The 2009 kids are here!
Molly and Ivory surprised us with large multiple births - Molly had QUNITS! (4 bucks and 1 doe) and Ivory had SEXTUPLETS (5 bucks and 1 doe)!!!!
Check out the kids at our new website,

The sextuplets except one
Got Milk?
Mini Nubian goats with lots of milk
Before milking

MiniNubians do!
Mini Nubian DAIRY goat - lots of milk!
After Milking


MiniNubian face - perfect Nubian breed character

MiniNubian Milker - Mini Nubians are great milkers

3rd gen MiniNubian doeling

What others are saying about our Mini Nubians...

I want to tell you how much we love the two Mini Nubian wethers and Snowy Night.  Thanks so much for selling them to me!
-- Lois - Arena, WI

Wow, those chickens look happy!
-- Debbie - Eleva, WI

I didn't think I would like goat milk. But this is great!
-- Ellen - Colfax, WI

Those Mini Nubian kids are the CUUUTEST critters I have EVER seen.
-- Kathy - Eau Claire, WI

MiniNubian doe - Mini Nubians with lots of color

Mini Nubian Milking Doe

MiniNubian doe - excellent Nubian breed character

We are members of the following organizations:

Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA)

The Miniature Goat Registry (TMGR)

National MiniNubian Breeders Club (NMBC)

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