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Green Gables MiniNubians

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Mini Nubian Bucks

4th Generation MiniNubian Bucks:

4th gen Mini Nubian buck

*B Echo Hill's Ulysses S. Grant
4th generation - AMERICAN
Sire: Echo Hill's Ulysses *B (3rd gen.)
ss: Echo Hill's Lord Apollo (2nd gen.)
sd: FMCH Hidden Creek's Diamond *P
Dam: Hidden Creek's Amber Glow *P 1CH leg(3rd gen.)
ds: Hidden Creek's Arkansaw
dd: Hidden Creek's Fela
DOB: 3/21/06
I am thrilled to be able to have this beautiful buck. He is black with gold trim and partial white belt. His conformation is excellent. He has very strong feet and legs with lots of width between the hocks. Grant has lots of body capacity with a wide chest floor. His topline is very strong with a flat, level rump. His breed character is very nice also. This picture really doesn't show how nice he is. Make sure to look at his photo album to see more pictures of him. Grant's dam is Hidden Creek's Amber Glow *P. Amber had a beautiful udder with lots of attachment in every direction and tons of capacity. Her teats were well placed and easy to milk. Amber had lots of body capacity and a very nice topline. Grant's sire, Echo Hills Ulysses, has beautiful breed character. He is very long and well blended. Ulysses is extremely wide in the escutcheon area and level over the topline with a wide, flat rump set on very strong legs. Ulysses' dam is FMCH Hidden Creek's Diamond *P - one of the best does at Echo Hill's.  Grant is 27 inches tall.  Grant's 2008 kids are beautiful! They have wonderful conformation and great personalities. Check out the 2008 Kids page for pictures. Thank you Dannette for letting me buy another wonderful buck from you!!!
Photos of Amber and Diamond courtesy of Dannette Hackman of Echo Hills Farm.

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Grant's dam
Amber - 3rd gen Mini Nubian DAIRY goat
Hidden Creek's Amber Glow *P

Grant's Paternal Granddam
Diamond - 3rd gen MiniNubian DAIRY goat
FMCH Hidden Creek's Diamond *P

Star - 4th generation Mini Nubian buck

Echo Hill's Shining Star
4th generation - AMERICAN
Sire: FCH Rainbow Farms Charlie Brown (3rd)
ss: Hidden Creek's Mega Bits
sd: Hidden Creek's Brownetta
Dam: Hidden Creek's Sierra Wind *P (3rd gen.)
ds: Hidden Creek's Arkansaw
dd: Hidden Creek's Clackamas
DOB: 4/26/06
STAR is another beautiful buck from Echo Hill's. He is a very long and dairy buck. Star has wonderful breed character with a nice roman nose and LONG, well shaped ears. Star's sire, FCH Rainbow Farms Charlie Brown, is the first finished champion MiniNubian buck in the country. He has been producing lots of really nice kids at Echo Hills. Star's dam, Hidden Creek's Sierra Wind, is an excellent milker with a beautiful udder and long, easy to milk teats. Sierra also has wonderfully long, wide ears and an extreme roman nose. Star's 2008 kids have been beautiful! They are all VERY long and dairy with ears much improved over their dams. See the 2008 kids page for pictures. I am so glad to have Star as a part of my herd.

Photos of Star courtesy of Andrea and Randy Kuhtz - Country Dreams Farm. Photo of Sierra courtesy of Dannette Hackman - Echo Hill's Farm.

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Star - 4th generation Mini Nubian buck
Star in the fall of '07

Star's dam as a kid
Sierra - 3rd gen Mini Nubian doe
Echo Hill's Sierra Wind *P

3rd Generation MiniNubian Bucks:

Jasper - 3rd generation Mini Nubian buck

DECEASED: *B Echo Hills Jasper 
3rd generation - AMERICAN
Sire: Echo Hills Lord Apollo (2nd gen.)
  ss: Hidden Creeks William F. Buckley
  sd: Echo Hills Lady Olivia *P
Dam: Hackman Farm's Easter Sunrise (3rd gen.)
  ds: Hidden Creek's Nino
  dd: FMCH Hidden Creek's Diamond *P
DOB: 3/16/05
JASPER! We are so happy to have this buck in our herd! His excellent conformation and regal bearing give him a very striking appearance. His colors are beautiful!  He is 26 inches tall.  Jasper's dam, Easter, is three times RsGCH, 1 X BUB and 1 X BUS. She has a level topline and her udder is very nice. Easter and her dam Diamond give lots of milk. Diamond has one of the best udders I have ever seen on a MiniNubian - See picture above (under Grant). Jasper's sire has awesome breed character and comes from a good milking line.  Sadly we lost Jasper at an early age - he was only 3 years old. He will live on in his gorgeous kids and grandkids. All of Jasper's kids have been beautiful!  Their breed character is so much improved over their dams.  They have all have very nice bodies with correct feet and legs.  I am VERY pleased with how much Jasper has done.  See his daughters on the Jr. and Sr. Does page. Thank you Dannette for letting me purchase this wonderful little buck!!!
Photos of Easter courtesy of Dannette Hackman of Echo Hill's Farm.

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Jasper's dam
Easter - Mini Nubian dairy goat
Hackman Farm's Easter Sunrise

Easter - a real mini milker
Easter's udder

2nd Gen. MiniNubian Bucks:

None at this time. See the reference bucks page for 2nd gen bucks that have had an influence on our herd.

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