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Green Gables MiniNubians

Green Gables EHJ Nutmeg

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Green Gables EHJ Nutmeg (2nd gen)
Sire: Echo Hill's Jasper *B
ss: Echo Hill's Lord Apollo
sd: Hidden Creek's Easter Sunrise
Dam: Careys Sweet Pea (1st gen.)
ds: Carey's I Wanna Be A Millionaire (N)
dd: Buttin' Heads Mont Olive (ND)
DOB: 3/17/07
Height: 24" at one year
NUTMEG is one of my favorite goats. She has the nicest personality ever and has beautiful breed character and conformation to boot! Her sire Jasper has thrown gorgeous kids, and Nutmeg is a great example of that. Nutmeg's dam, 'Arthur', is a lovely doe that milks like a cow. She averages around 7 lbs a day. Nutmeg got her beautiful breed character from her sire - long, soft, well shaped ears and a slightly roman nose. Nutmeg is a smoothly blended doe with very nice overall conformation. She has a sweet face and a lovely personality. Nutmeg had a chance to prove just how sweet she is when she broke her left rear leg in the spring of 2008. She was so well behaved about it and submitted to the many x-rays and vet appointments with a sweet and loving attitude. As long as I was with her, she was calm and content. The vet thought we'd have to sedate her to set her leg, but Nutmeg we so well behaved we didn't have to (for which we are very grateful as anesthesia is dangerous for goats). After a pretty hefty vet bill, Nutmeg is recovering well from her accident and is regaining strength quickly. Although she will probably always have a limp, it looks like she will be able to live a pretty normal life.

2007: Nutmeg was 2nd in her class in the online goat show. She placed right behind Grace who took Jr. GCH.

Pictures of Nutmeg and her relatives...

Nutmeg at one day old:


Nutmeg as a kid. Check out the EARS!!!


Nutmeg at about 3 months old:


Nutmeg's sire, Echo Hill's Jasper *B as a kid:


Nutmeg's paternal grandsire (Jasper's sire) Echo Hill's Lord Apollo:


Nutmeg's paternal granddam (Jasper's dam) Hidden Creek's Easter Sunrise:


Nutmeg's breed character at 3 months old


Nutmeg's lovely dam, Carey's White Cloud a.k.a. 'Arthur' (click her photos to view her page):

ArthurArt rear udderArt udder

If you have any questions or comments about Nutmeg or her relatives, please feel free to contact me via the 'Contact Us" page. We always love to hear what other people think of our goats!

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