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Green Gables MiniNubians

Echo Hill's Molly O'Malley

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Echo Hill's Molly O'Malley
3rd generation - AMERICAN
Sire: Echo Hill's King Patrick O'Malley *B (2nd)
ss: Hackman Farm's King David (son of Patches)
sd: Hackman Farm's Lady Abigail *P
Dam: FMCH Hidden Creek's Patches *P
ds: Hidden Creek's Dismals Mr. Gilespie
dd: Hidden Creek's Air Jordan
DOB: 4/3/05
Height: 26"
MOLLY is our doe from Echo Hill's Farm. She is a real sweetheart. Molly freshened with a beautiful udder and tons of milk. She gives about 8 lbs per day and peaked over 10 lbs in 24hrs as a 2nd freshener!!! Her udder is well attached and capacious with very easy to milk teats. Molly is black with red highlights. Her ears are fully pendulous and her nose is roman. Molly's dam, Patches, is an excellent milker - she has given 10 lbs. in one day! She milks down very well. Patches has been 4X GCH, 2X BIS, 4X BUB, 2X BUIS, 1XRCH. Molly's sire side has lots of milk too - his dam gave 6.6 lbs. on her one-day milk test. Thank you Dannette for selling this beautiful doe to me!!!
Molly took Best Udder of Breed AND Best Udder in Show in MDGA's virtual show.  In choosing Molly for BUIS, the judge said: "For my selection for Best udder in show it was obvious to me which doe was the "winner". She is the MiniNubian doe. She has the most correct mammary. When you look at a side view you see the proper 1/3 of the udder  in front of the leg, and 1/3 in back of the leg. She also shows us the most capacity, shape and correct teat placement."
Molly's daughter, Sapphire, took second in her class placing right behind Trillium.

Show Wins:
2008 - 1st place 3yr old, BUB, & Best Udder in Show in MDGA's Virtual show

Pictures of Molly, her offspring and her relatives...

Molly as a kid:


Molly as a dry yearling:

PhotobucketMolly's face

Molly's first freshening udder (at 2 years old):

Molly's 1st freshening udder

Molly at 3 years old - 2nd freshening (unclipped - shown in fuzzy winter coat):

Molly at three years old - 2nd fresheningMolly's 2nd
                                    freshening udderPhotobucket

Molly's dam, FCH Hidden Creek's Patches *P:

Patches, Molly's dam

Molly's sire, Echo Hill's Patrick O'Malley *B:

Patrick O'MalleyPhotobucket

Here are some of Molly's kids:

2007 - triplets - 2 bucklings and one doeling (Sired by Country Dreams Charlie Brown):


2008 - triplet DOELINGS (Sired by Echo Hill's Jasper *B) Top doeling retained. Click on the top picture to view SAPPHIRE'S page:

SapphireRuby -
                                             4th gen doeling - Molly X JasperEmerald
                                             - 4th gen doeling - Molly X Jasper

2009 - quintuplets (!) - 4 bucklings and 1 doeling (Sired by Echo Hill's Ulysses S. Grant *B):

Molly's buck w/hightlights Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

If you have any questions or comments about Molly, her kids or her ancestors, please feel free to contact me via the 'Contact Us" page. We always love to hear what other people think of our goats!

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