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Green Gables MiniNubians

Green Gables CB Zephyr

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2nd gen mini nubian doe

Green Gables CB Zephyr (2nd gen)
Sire: Country Dreams Charlie Brown (2nd gen)
SS: Morning-Glow Flax
SD: Carey's Sweet Pea
Dam: Green Gables Windy Night
DS: Heart's Delight Hershey
DD: The Sim's Muffin
DOB: 2/10/06
Height: 25"
ZEPHYR is young doe who has very nice breed character. Her dam is 75% Nubian so Zephyr is about 60/40 (Nubian/Nigerian). Her ears are quite wide and completely pendulous and her nose is very roman. Zephyr freshened with a wonderful udder. It is extremely soft and well attached. Her teats are very long and easy to milk. She is giving about 4 lbs (1/2 gallon) of milk a day (and she freshened with a single). Zephyr's dam, Windy, is a very good milker giving about 6 lbs per day - see Windy below. Zephyr has lots of body capacity and is over all a very well put together doe.
The judge of MDGA's 2008 V-Show really liked Zephyr and chose her as Reserve Champion after Misty as GCH.

Show Wins:
2008 - 1st place 2yr old, and Reserve Grand Champion Sr. Doe in MDGA's Virtual show
2007 - 1st place dry yearling and Reserve Grand Champion Jr. Doe in an unofficial online show

Pictures of Zephyr, her kids and her ancestors...

Zephyr as a kid:


Zephyr as a dry yearling:


Zephyr as a first freshening 2 yr old:


Zephyr's udder as a second freshener:


Zephyr's paternal granddam (Charlie's dam), Carey's Sweet Pea (pictured at 5 years old):


Here pictures of some of Zephyr's kids (one so far):

2008 - Single buckling (Sired by Echo Hill's Jasper *B):


2009 - triplet doelings (Sired by Echo Hill's Shining Star):

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Zephyr's sire, Country Dreams Charlie Brown (pictured at 1 year and 3 years old):

Charlie as a yearlingCharlie in

Zephyr's dam, Green Gables HDH Windy Night:

Windy 4 yrsWindy
                                    4 yr frontWindy 4 yr rearWindy 4
                                    yr top

Zephyr's maternal grandparents (Windy's parents), Heart's Delight Hershey and The Sim's Muffin:

Hershey, Misty's sirePhotobucket

If you have any comments or questions on Zephyr, her kids or relatives, please feel free to contact me via the "Contact Us' page. We always enjoy hearing what others think of our goats.

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